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A Charitable Educational Experience

charitable education

Educational Smart Care Center has been able to create structures that are based on a friendly atmosphere and a charitable ethos. This is a noble initiative and it seems to have the support of the general community. It also handles many of the serious issues that affect children at this stage of their lives. Research has shown that the things that happen to children when they are three years of age will have a profound effect on how they grow up as adults. It will also have an influence on the way that they perceive the community. If the spirit of volunteerism has already been planted in those children, then it is relatively simply for those values to follow them into adulthood.

Understanding the needs of children

Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read

The Reach Out and Read program is one of the proudest contributions that are made by Education Smart Care Center. This is a scheme that is designed to encourage children into the habit of reading with the help of their parents. It has been particularly successful in changing the face of the educational system for the better. For example it tackles the issues of literacy at the community level so that parents are supported by all the people that are within the community. That is an achievement that is worth fighting for.

There are different perspectives on the various schemes that have been implemented in an effort to raise the level of functional literacy within the community. Many of these initiatives can be justified by the wonderful results that they have been able to bring to the table so far. The end result is that the various elements of the community are effectively supported in the initiatives to improve literacy across the different levels.

Working through some of the demanding aspects of the program

Educational Approach – Partnership for Education

edu approach

Education Smart Care Center have been very effective at building partnerships for the purpose of improving the literacy levels in different schools as well as raising the general awareness about the importance of improving literacy across the different social or economic classes. One of the groups of professionals that have been involved in this scheme is in the medical world. Doctors and associated professionals have worked to support the various projects that are proposed by these schools.

The Reach Out and Read is one of the proud moments in the history of educational achievement in the country. The projects start off at local level and then develop according to the needs of the community as well as the specific circumstances in which the students are placed. It has the power of adding value to the community and creating solutions that foster independence and innovation within the community.

An Evidence-Based Approach to Education

The foundation, and Our Beliefs

Belief in Education

Education Smart Care cover a full range of ages from infants to toddlers. Programs extent to nursery and kindergarten kids depending on the needs of the parents. children is at the heart of our programs and therefore we have been placing great emphasis to create bespoke learning initiatives that open up windows for children and allow them to see the world in a different light. It is an initiative that is attracting support from different perspectives including the medical world. These initiatives has been able to transform the landscape for young children and to open up the possibilities of working within a context that is open to different interpretations. It is a perfect marriage of objectives.

Many of the children that are touched by these program come from backgrounds which are hovering near the poverty line. It is therefore unreasonable to simply concentrate on education without the other aspects of their lives which change the outlook on the things that they do. It is crucial that there are clear guidelines on the types of things that can be done to achieve success in this area.

Contribution of Volunteerism

Education volunteer

Through the various projects that are organized by the Educational Care Center you can get involved in a practical definition of volunteerism and the contribution that it makes to society in general. Far too often there is a cavalier attitude towards volunteering because it is not seen as one of the glamorous ways in which you can spend your leisure time. However the role of volunteerism has grown. The president has made it part of his community outreach program that is supported by many charitable organizations that are concerned for the welfare of children.

The work of the different educators and workers within the volunteer program has been absolutely invaluable in changing the paradigm with which education is viewed in the different perspectives. Instead of concentrating on the provision of standard curriculum items, this sort of study opens up other opportunities that are normally set aside.

Get involved in building bridges with educations

Clarifying the Motivations of Teachers


At the Educational Smart Care Center, there is an emphasis on the things that work for both parents and school children. Teachers are asked to clarify their personal goals when they decide to join the institution. These are the things that define them as effective custodians of the education that we impart to young people. Indirectly they are involved in the creation and development of the future leaders. The experiences that they bring throughout their careers can also be crystallized in the attitudes that they have to the task ahead and their ability to deliver on the expectations of parents. The teacher is asked to define their understanding of the educational system as it bears fruit for young children. Of course the individuality of the teachers is at play but at the same time, they are part of a community project.

Individual efforts pay off in group results

Education Smart Care and Early Literacy

early literacy

One of the areas of great concern in all parent is the possibility that literacy is not emphasized enough in their child’s early learning path. Amidst all the fun at the Educational Smart Care Center, there is still plenty left to support the notion that early literacy is a priority. This is one of the indicators of future performance right up to the tertiary level. If the child is unable to communicate in the official language through reading and writing, then it is hard for them to pursue a long term educational path. In fact the dropout rate will increase significantly if it becomes clear that there are problems with literacy.

There a lot of works been made in developing the correct methods of implementing early childhood literacy schemes. The results have been encouraging and the best practice is being exported to other areas of operation within the context of this project.

Preparing a good start for kindergarten kids