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Talking About Stories – Helping Your Child Learn To Read

stories reading with child

It is often great telling parents to talk about the story when we are reading with our children. What exactly does this mean ?
stories reading with child
The point of talking about what children are reading is to help them think about what they are reading, to interpret and understand it. It is also a means of helping them to develop their language skills, enhance their enjoyment of a story and, of course, a way of checking on their understanding. When a child is talking about what they have read you can soon tell if they’ve got the wrong end of the stick about something !

Talking about a story also means talking about the illustrations. We ‘read’ pictures just as much as we read words and not only do illustrations add something to a story but they can also tell part of a story. Information is often conveyed in pictorial or diagrammatic form so it is obviously important to be able to understand pictures and to attend to the details in them. While it is natural to make comments about a picture such as “That’s a scary looking witch isn’t it?” or simply “That’s nice!” we do need to try and do something more sometimes. Questions and comments such as the following can help towards getting children to really think about illustrations.