Student Success and Literacy

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Without basic literacy, it is nearly impossible to ensure that students get the best outcomes in their academic careers. The literacy skills that they started learning in kindergarten will have an influence on their ability to deliver the right kind of progress in the classroom. Without these skills the children are liable to drop out and they are not as successful as their abilities might indicate.

Education Smart Care Center is helping in such way of preparing the background for the children, so that they are prepared when the time comes to challenge the highest echelons of the education system. This is not something that is that easy to achieve. However the participation of major stakeholders has made a difference in terms of raising awareness about the need to improve literacy skills in young children.

Looking for the evidence of early success
Normally children graduate after developing a set of core competencies. One of these competencies is related to literacy. Without literacy skills it would be very difficult indeed to make a case for their progression to the next level of academic achievement. The literacy skills are the stepping stone which they must cross in order to have successful careers in any field that they have chosen. Of course some people are far more effective than others when it comes to delivering these success stories. The bottom line is that children should be provided with the means to improve their literacy skills at the earliest opportunity. Education Smart Care Center have been promoting this message with some success and the fruits are already being felt. The role of the state has not been usurped but there is a lot of work that has been included in all these projects.

The Reach Out and Read project is the flagship illustration of the kind of work that has gone into these projects. It has been able to transform the discussion that relates to literacy so that people are no longer thinking about the need for literacy but the methods through which it can be delivered. The need for early literacy is no longer a moot point but a fact that is used by educators across the spectrum. It is even possible for the home schooling system to tap into some of these resources in order to develop the right methodologies for children.

Continuous funding is a crucial part of the work that Education Smart Care Center will be doing to improve early literacy. This funding relies on the self-support of stakeholders who understand the importance of the work that is being done. It might also come from unrelated professions that still have an interest in the progression of all these different things. It is a creditable improvement in all the areas that function within this context. It is also the first step in a series of steps that can transform the life chances of the child. Charitable donations are part of these projects that are symbiotic in their ability to help the different stakeholders.

Student Success and Literacy
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