Early Literacy and Childhood Poverty

Childhood Literacy

Far too often there is a link between childhood illiteracy and childhood poverty. Parents that have limited means will find that their priorities are skewed towards basic needs instead of some of the other nuanced concepts which make the life whole. Of course we cannot forget the fundamental need to keep the child fed and clothed.

Nevertheless the literacy level that they have will have an impact on their life chances. It will determine the types of citizens that they will make and their overall place in society. The consequences of failing to address the literacy needs of the kids might lead them to a situation whereby they are chasing the failed trails of the difficult processes within the context of the struggle for resources. Happily Educational Smart Care Center is doing its bit in order to promote childhood literacy.

Education must never become the preserve of the rich people
If we are going to narrow the gap between rich people and the poorest members of the community, then education is the key to all these efforts. It is a transformational tool that can promote a child from their current social class to great aspirations. There are also challenges that face parents who have an interest in giving their children the best possible chances in life. Without the right choices and funding, it is difficult to select the most effective schools for children. Education Smart Care Center have tried to cover the spectrum of needs for parents within the locality but this is in no way near the full implementation program that is required to advance this sort of process.

In working with the various elements that support the market, it is possible to develop strategies that are important for the child to secure an understanding of complex issues as they develop. If the basic literacy requirements of that child are neglected then all the other things will never fall into place. They will end up with the stunted outcomes that are characteristics associated with the struggling parents who are on the economic breadline. The government talks about the need to narrow the gap between the rich and the power. In Educational Smart Care Center’s schemes, we are doing our part in preparing children to narrow this gap.

The partnerships that are part of the working process for these institutions mean that there are different stakeholders involved. Parents do not feel as if they are losing control over the education of their kids. At the same time the state authorities do not feel that there is a patchy network of development under the various schemes. It is a credit to the institutions that they are able to handle many of the issues that are at the heart of the social and economic system within the country. They also give children a stake in the future of their country.

Early Literacy and Childhood Poverty
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