The foundation, and Our Beliefs

Belief in Education

Education Smart Care cover a full range of ages from infants to toddlers. Programs extent to nursery and kindergarten kids depending on the needs of the parents. children is at the heart of our programs and therefore we have been placing great emphasis to create bespoke learning initiatives that open up windows for children and allow them to see the world in a different light. It is an initiative that is attracting support from different perspectives including the medical world. These initiatives has been able to transform the landscape for young children and to open up the possibilities of working within a context that is open to different interpretations. It is a perfect marriage of objectives.

Many of the children that are touched by these program come from backgrounds which are hovering near the poverty line. It is therefore unreasonable to simply concentrate on education without the other aspects of their lives which change the outlook on the things that they do. It is crucial that there are clear guidelines on the types of things that can be done to achieve success in this area.

The foundation of Education Smart Care was inspired by dedicated professionals who had had the opportunity to work in early childhood development. Therefore they were uniquely equipped to provide assistance to this group in the community. There was also passion and dedication in the way that they handled the requirements of the task at hand. The different schemes in early childhood intervention are meant to provide these kids with a second, third or even fourth chance to succeed in school.

Research has shown that education is the key to social mobility. Without education, it becomes very difficult to handle the different challenges of the world. The person without functional literacy is tied to their social class regardless of all the intentions that the state might have for them. However if the intervention is done early enough, then it is possible for that child to grow and be a future contributor in community.

The foundation, and Our Beliefs
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