Educational Approach – Partnership for Education

edu approach

Education Smart Care Center have been very effective at building partnerships for the purpose of improving the literacy levels in different schools as well as raising the general awareness about the importance of improving literacy across the different social or economic classes. One of the groups of professionals that have been involved in this scheme is in the medical world. Doctors and associated professionals have worked to support the various projects that are proposed by these schools.

The Reach Out and Read is one of the proud moments in the history of educational achievement in the country. The projects start off at local level and then develop according to the needs of the community as well as the specific circumstances in which the students are placed. It has the power of adding value to the community and creating solutions that foster independence and innovation within the community.

An Evidence-Based Approach to Education
Rather than working on speculation and mere estimation, Education Smart Care Center tends to work on real evidence from the community about the impact of the various policies that they are working with. If there are examples of good practice then these are shared with the various parties that are stakeholders in the entire arrangement. This ensures that there is parity in all the issues that are handled. It also means that there are results that broadly reflect the priorities of the different people within the community. These are the changes that can be very important for the education sector as a whole. Integration is all about working with different partners and addressing their priorities within the agreed plan. This sort of partnership can yield great results for children if it is handled well. The aim of the schools project is to bring in as many partners as possible and make use of all their different contributions to the education debate.

One of the techniques that are promoted by Education Smart Care Center involves encouraging parents to read out aloud their children. Children learn by example and they respond very well when the literacy programs involves reading and writing. They also look up to their parents for guidance. Therefore this is a prime opportunity to open up doors for school children to ensure that they are equipped with the right literacy skills before they move to the advanced stages in their education cycle. It is one of the things that are becoming a priority for the education department.

At the same time the collaboration with doctors also offers the possibility of regular pediatric checkups. The kids who have been through this program have stronger language skills as well as a wide range of vocabulary to use in the event of their graduation to higher classes. They also have a six month development edge when compared to the other peers outside the program. All this work is done on the basis of research that has been put under the most stringent scrutiny.

Educational Approach – Partnership for Education
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